Why Students Need Your Help

It's time to make SF State students your first priority.

Beginning in 1960, the State of California provided the necessary support to guarantee every deserving high school graduate an opportunity to pursue a college degree.

Several decades later, reductions in state funding have led to a painful decision to raise tuition and fees, and SF State students are struggling to pay for their education.

Only through increased private support can the University continue fulfilling its time-honored public mission: educating all who wish to learn, regardless of background.

Your continued support of Students First, the University's successful initiative to grow student support, helps ensure that deserving and economically disadvantaged students can continue to make big plans for the future. We’re proud to report that Students First was launched with a very successful fundraising campaign that surpassed $15 million! With your help we will continue this effort to raise more funds to help even more students dream. Where will their dreams take them?