Meet Deserving Students

Keenya McDaniel

Keenya McDaniel, a star athlete and Honor Roll student, studied Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts. She wants to be a music producer with her own label. (click image for more)

John Sonza

John Sonza, accepted to SF State in 2005, joined the Army before returning to study international relations. (click image for more)

Nicole Morales Lum

Nicole Morales Lum aspires to be a doctor and found the support she needed in the Educational Opportunity Program. (click image for more)

Jessie Peterson

Jessie Peterson was in foster care for most of her youth and studied sociology at SF State thanks to the Guardian Scholars Program. (click image for more)

Chris Quock

Chris Quock's ecology and biology studies helped him play a key role in Professor Hafernik's pioneering study on "zombie bees." (click image for more)