Chris Quock: "I want to keep asking questions that need to be answered"

Picture of Chris Quock and link to his story

Chris Quock, a graduate student in ecology and systematic biology, played a key role in Professor John Hafernik’s groundbreaking study on “zombie bees” which received wide international attention when it was published. The study could explain the destruction of honeybee colonies around the country and help protect the food chain.

“It was exciting. You don’t often get the opportunity as a student to be involved in something that’s almost completely new,” Chris said. He was grateful for the Presidential Scholars program, which helped him achieve his success in science.

The merit-based scholarship supported Chris as an undergrad when he began his research in Professor Hafernik's lab.

“I wouldn’t have been able to afford all four years here without the scholarship. That was a very big thing,” says Chris. Without it, “I would have had to devote a lot more time to working, and away from studying.”

Chris, who considered earning his doctorate, teaching and continuing his research, said, “I want to keep asking questions that need to be answered.” His professor said he sees only good things ahead for Chris: “He’s a keen observer who notices things that other people don’t see or take for granted."