Chris Larsen

CEO and co-founder, Prosper Marketplace, Inc.
San Francisco State alumnus

“The quality of education at San Francisco State is superb. It prepared me for the way the world works.”

As CEO of Prosper, America’s first social lending marketplace, Chris Larsen is continuing his commitment to leveraging the Internet to make consumer lending markets more efficient, innovative and social.

He is also continuing his personal commitment to support San Francisco State,where he studied business, finance and accounting, and where his education prepared him for the real world with a non-theoretical readiness “to get busy right away.”

After graduating with a degree in international business and accounting, Chris later earned an M.B.A. from Stanford. But it was SF State that captured his loyalty and allegiance because of the quality of the education he received there.

Chris believes that when you give to SF State, you also invest in the community. Contributions can be leveraged to touch more lives in more powerful ways. Chris has established a scholarship fund to provide support each semester to several students working toward a teaching credential or master’s degree in education, many of them the first in their families to go to college. These students have a greater chance for success because of his work to help keep public higher education affordable and accessible.